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Rating: 10.00

Old slave horse brutally whipped

Mistress Zora makes the stupid pony go! She wants to ride now and sits down on his shoulders. Let's get started... Forward! The slave pony makes a great effort to carry his Mistress carefully, but she is not satisfied with his performance. What's going on? What kind of a miserable performance is this? Be a clever human pony and let yourself be ridden decently, loser! Mistress Zora turns around and drives her slave pony forward. Let's go! But after a short time she realizes that he is simply not rideable. This old hack is now chased around by her and beaten with the whip. Exactly what this incompetent slave pony deserves! Maybe he will be a little more rideable after this beating session after all...


Carry her, slave horse!
Monique & Nadine
Laughed at and humiliated for being a pony-pig
Today Ricky's slave has to be her pony!
The old horse is being ridden!