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Last update: 2019-03-15
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Lady Amy rides all she wants!

Lady Amy wants to ride and just sits on the back of her slave! She pushes him and rides a few laps on his back. Now she is being carried around like a lady should be! Forwards, backwards and further, round after round... Lady Amy loves to use her slave as a pony. She only sees him as an old, broken-in horse who does what she wants. No matter if she puts her legs around his head or if she sits on his shoulders. Lady Amy rides the way she wants to!

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Foot smell for the pony slave

Mistress Zora's slave trots after her like an old donkey until she doesn't feel like walking anymore and straddles his back. Fot as long as she wants, the slave will let her ride on his back. Too bad for him that Zora is bored on his back and already has an idea how she can humiliate him further. She stops her pony and dismounts him. She makes him take off her sneakers then pushes his face into them and orders him to inhale deeply. Does that improve his ability to be a good slave pony?! Mistress Zora tries it out and lets him breathe the scent!

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Young dominatrix Angelina M

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Angelina rides her human pony

For Angelina it's just normal to train her slaves to be a human pony during their slave training. As a young dominatrix she knows exactly how to make submissive slaves follow her orders. Just like this slave should feel honored to be allowed to serve this goddess as a pony. And when her pony can't take it anymore? Then Angelina will just make it move with some kicks!

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