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Last update: 2024-02-09
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Mistress Jane - human pony, exert yourself!

Mistress Jane wants to be carried around royally by her slave pony. She sits on his back and sends him off. She demands smooth movements from him and a comfortable seat for herself. The slave has to concentrate on meeting his mistress' demands and visibly makes an effort. Mistress Jane demands a lot from her slave pony, but allows him a short break to gather his strength. After all, she wants a fit human pony to give her the best riding experience.

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Anfisa & Nora

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Mistress Anfisa and Lady Nora - Extreme Pony Strain

This slave pony will suffer like none has ever suffered before! Mistress Anfisa and I start by giving the pony an extraordinary warm-up by standing on his back while he has to do some extremely difficult push-ups. Then I tie his own belt around his neck and use it as reins. Mistress Anfisa and I now ride him together. The slave pony withstands our weight because it wants to prove itself and carries us around, moaning and snorting, trembling from the effort. I also give him a few kicks to the balls with my spurs to make him walk faster. This is by far the most extreme strain ever experienced by a pony slave!

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Cardio for the slave pony

Mistress Zora wants to help her slave pony get a better figure and makes him run for her. Cardio melts fat and Mistress Zora uses that to get her slave in shape with endurance sports. First he runs around her on all fours. Then it's time to up the difficulty level! Mistress Zora takes a seat on his back, adding a suitable training weight for the slave pony. Now he has to keep walking and be careful not to lose her. The slave must concentrate and make his body work hard!

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