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Last update: 2020-04-07
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Training for the slave mare

Mistress Roxana took her little slave mare out of the stable to train with her for the next tournament. But this bitch is still far too unsporty - so the Mistress is going to change that now! She sits on the mare's back and mercilessly pushes her little horse forward, around and around, around and faster and faster. Only in this way she can achieve top performance. But this mare is still not in top form. She still needs more training!

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Agonizing riding lesson for the slave horse

Goddess Vanny uses her stupid slave as a human pony. She wants to ride on his back, so she just climbs on him and pushes him forward! Run, you stupid old horse! Goddess Vanny wants him to suffer a lot, so she lets him run over the hard ground and then rides on his shoulders. The old horse has to work hard under her, because his mistress wants more and more from him...

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Slave pony broken on piggyback ride

Bratty Jenny-Nina jumps on the back of her slave and now sits piggyback on him. Let's go, slave pony!She wants to ride now, so the slave has to obey. She beats him with the crop and drives him forward. Again and again, around in circles and at the speed that the riding wants. Step, trot, change direction... The slave pony is challenged enormously and ridden almost to the point of collapse.

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