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Last update: 2019-11-04
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Rating: 5.00

Run, blind slave pony!

With his eyes blindfolded, Mistress Anfisa lets her slave run around on all fours. She sits down on his back and rides her blind, confused pony. She tells him where to go and drives him forward. But he must go much faster and better! Come on, run blind slave, run!

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Rating: 10.00

Foot smell for the pony slave

Mistress Zora's slave trots after her like an old donkey until she doesn't feel like walking anymore and straddles his back. Fot as long as she wants, the slave will let her ride on his back. Too bad for him that Zora is bored on his back and already has an idea how she can humiliate him further. She stops her pony and dismounts him. She makes him take off her sneakers then pushes his face into them and orders him to inhale deeply. Does that improve his ability to be a good slave pony?! Mistress Zora tries it out and lets him breathe the scent!

The most favourite HumanPonies.com Update

Amy & Zora

Rating: 9.67

The old horse will be ridden

Riding Mistresses Amy and Zora want to ride on this old horse today. The human pony must be taught how to trot and how to carry riders around on his backs. They chase him around and give him harsh cracks of the whip! It hisses through the air as it hits him hard, blow after blow. Then Mistress Amy sits down on him in her tight jeans. Mistress Zora drives him with the crop! Let's go!

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