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Last update: 2020-07-07
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Princess Serena makes him a 24/7 slave pony!

This stupid slave will be mercilessly used as a human pony! His mistress, Princess Serena, sits on his back in sexy underwear and hot over-the-knee boots and pushes him forward. GO! GO!! RUN!!! The princess wants to ride so the slave has to work hard to serve her like a good pony. She gives him direction and orders him around mercilessly. What she says is law! And now he has to walk even faster for her... chop-chop! But that's not all. Princess Serena has great ideas how to use her slave pony in everyday life and makes him her pony 24/7!

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Mistress Anfisa prepares him for a long ride

The slave lies over a stool and Mistress Anfisa whips him with a painful dressage whip. She's decided to make an absolute enslaved pony out of him. She sits with her ass on his back and tests him for comfort first. She slaps him with the whip one more time. The slave is now is now ready for a long ride. The dry run is over and now the pony has run - chop chop!

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Goddess Vanny tells the pony where to go!

Goddess Vanny wants to take a little ride on her slave pony so he must do what she wants him to do! She jumps on his back and lets her pony carry her around piggyback as whatever speed Goddess Vanny decides. The pony doesn't make any decisions of hid own. Instead he has his riding mistress telling him exactly where to go!

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