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Rating: 8.33

Mistress Zora puts his physical condition in trouble!

The saddle on his back already it starts! Mistress Zora sits down on it full of anticipation and rides her slave pony around for a few rounds because riding is so much better than walking yourself. She enjoys this comfortable way of locomotion on the back of her slave. As a motivational aid, she takes a crop into her hand and pushes him along with it. Come on, you lame pony, forward! After a short time, the loser is already breathing much faster and getting out of breath in no time. As if that wasn't ridiculous enough for him, Mistress Zora makes him do a few absurd maneuvers, putting him in even more condition trouble!


Michelle S
Mistress Michelle S.
Mistress Jane checks his level of training
Well behaved slave pony
Show what you can do, slave pony!