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Rating: 10.00

Slave pony used for riding

Today the mistresses torture the slave pony with extensive pony riding! They take turns, one of them leads the pony by the rope while the other one rides him. This ridiculous pantyhose on his head is perfect to serve as a rein for the rider on his back. Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane are thinking about where they could go with their pony... Through the forest? Or shopping? Then they could use him as a pack mule and attach large panniers to him. Everyone would see him and laugh at him. But a long ride through nature - over endless gravel roads - would not be bad either! This will surely be a lot of fun for the pony slave, or at least for his female riders!


Cansu runs him!
I will transform him to be my pony
Slave pony with pushed to the limit
Stellina's Pony has to walk a lot!