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Last update: 2018-02-25
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I will transform him to be my pony

The loser slave really doesn't like it when I put one of my legs at the other side of his body so I have a good position to sit down right at his back. He doesn't like it because he exactly know what's coming up next... I will transform him to be my tiny pony and ride at him now! He has so much struggle to move with my weight at his back. And every step is much harder than the one before... and guess what? I fucking love it!

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Young dominatrix Angelina M

Rating: 9.71

Angelina rides her human pony

For Angelina it's just normal to train her slaves to be a human pony during their slave training. As a young dominatrix she knows exactly how to make submissive slaves follow her orders. Just like this slave should feel honored to be allowed to serve this goddess as a pony. And when her pony can't take it anymore? Then Angelina will just make it move with some kicks!

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Lady Melissa

Rating: 9.44

The human pony

While Lady Melissa enjoys being a mistress and drinks sparkling champagne the slave has to sweat and suffer under her. He's her human pony and has to carry his mistress as long as she wants him to. If the pony can walk no further she helps him walking by spanking him.

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