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Last update: 2016-04-15
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Rating: 3.00

Pony exam.

Jamie-Kate tries out this unimpressive human pony. But as he becomes lame when Jamie-Kate rides him, he won't find friends, neither humans, nor horses! Even driving him with different kinds of crops doesn't make it better. He clearly failed at his pony exam.

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Rating: 10.00

The very lame pony!

Amber hits the loser with the riding crop and commands him to walk around like a human pony - of course on all his four legs! She sits at his back and he has to carry the riding mistress around... but he does a very bad job and is soo lame! So she has no other choice than to hit him even harder...!

The most favourite HumanPonies.com Update


Rating: 9.80

Get down - you're my pony

Get down on your knees, pony! Mistress Denise wants to use her slave for some pony play. He gets hard slaps on his butt that motivate him to satisfy his mistress. Mistress Denise enjoys shooing around her pony and riding it.

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