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Last update: 2015-03-08
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Russian girl Alina J.

Rating: 0.00

Alina conducts him and rides the loser!

This guy has no value to Alina! And she also likes to show him that he is completely useless! She takes him on a leash because she wants to humiliate him very bad today! She conducts him to move wherever she likes it while she rides at his back and hits him again and again! That way the sexy Russian girl has sooo much fun and orders him to do some very pathetic and humiliating things...!

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Best girlfriends Beverly & Stellina

Rating: 10.00

Beverly and Stellina move the human pony!

The two girlfriends Beverly and Stellina want to extremely shellac this guy today! They think about a nice way to do so - and decide, that sitting down at him and use him as a human pony is the best thing to do! The poor guy already cowers at the ground so it doesn't take long until Beverly sits at his back! Thereby she whips him heavily and orders him to walk - faster and faster! Stellina supports Beverly with her whip and hits his ass from time to time. The two girlfriends have lot of fun and regularly change their positions so both of them can ride the stubborn mule!

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Rating: 10.00

Get down - you're my pony

Get down on your knees, pony! Mistress Denise wants to use her slave for some pony play. He gets hard slaps on his butt that motivate him to satisfy his mistress. Mistress Denise enjoys shooing around her pony and riding it.

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