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Last update: 2015-05-27
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Long-haired Vanessa M

Rating: 0.00

Vanessas pony play humiliation

Vanessa thinks that the time has come to torture and humiliate this loser very bad! Therefore she brings him down to the ground. His arms and legs are pressed hard against the ground and so she starts to sit down at his back. This way she can easily control the helpless pony! After some time he collapses below her - but Vanessa aggressively orders him to continue... What a pity!

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Rating: 9.75

Get down - you're my pony

Get down on your knees, pony! Mistress Denise wants to use her slave for some pony play. He gets hard slaps on his butt that motivate him to satisfy his mistress. Mistress Denise enjoys shooing around her pony and riding it.

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Lady Chrissy

Rating: 9.67

Lady Chrissy

First Lady Chrissy is very nice to her pony fondling it and offering titbits... better he would have enjoyed it as long it lasted  - but as he moans around, he gets a harness and she jumps on his back to ride him wildly, pressing her hips deeply in his back and her long leather-boot-legs in in his ribs! Then she chases him around untill he breaks down- and she puts her foot on him in a winners pose while he has to listen what she thinks of lame donkey like he is!

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