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Last update: 2015-10-29
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Rating: 7.00

Jenny breaks you in

Jenny's little pony gets broken in by her today! She ties a rope around the neck of her human pony and sits down comfortly on his back. She provokes him with a crop and makes him crawl on all fours. But Jenny's still not satisfied by his pony-talent and motivates him to boost his performance! Therefore she insults and beats him badly. At the end she orders her pony back into the stud.

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Rating: 9.80

Get down - you're my pony

Get down on your knees, pony! Mistress Denise wants to use her slave for some pony play. He gets hard slaps on his butt that motivate him to satisfy his mistress. Mistress Denise enjoys shooing around her pony and riding it.

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Rating: 9.67

Anfisa's pony play fetish

This loser surely hoped something else when Anfisa told him her deepest fetish desires... but she doesn't like the easy, the ordinary stuff - she likes it rough and hard! Now he has to move around at all his four legs - with Anfisa at his back! She really likes the power which imbues her and orders the loser to continue as long as she has fun doing so...!

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