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Last update: 2014-08-15
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He is just a stubborn mule!

Jamie-Kate always wanted to own a horse... but her friend doesn't want one - so he has to be her pony instead! The cheeky girl just makes him her pony - and sits down at his back! She pushes him to crawl even fast...! But this loser turns out to be a stubborn mule and so she has to try something different...!

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Annabell J

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Pony play with mistress Annabell

He's now her Pony - just like mistress Annabell decided. He should feel honored to be her pony and being allowed to carry his mistress on his back. She uses the crop on his ass frequently to motivate him even more. But mistress Annabell isn't very satisfied with her pony as it isn't able to carry her weight for a long time. Of course Annabell continues to ride him even after he broke down under her!

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Get down - you're my pony

Get down on your knees, pony! Mistress Denise wants to use her slave for some pony play. He gets hard slaps on his butt that motivate him to satisfy his mistress. Mistress Denise enjoys shooing around her pony and riding it.

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