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Rating: 9.00

The smallest slave pony in the world

Mistress Anfisa now rides the smallest pony in the world! This normally borders on cruelty to animals - but of course there is no special protection for slaves like him! He is so tiny that he almost completely disappears under the saddle. This amuses Mistress Anfisa and she sits down on his back. Let's go! She rides her tiny slave pony a few rounds and then decides to ride on him without the saddle. The slave tries hard under her but he just can't meet the high demands of his rider. She expects a slave pony to work well and so she pushes him further and further to extract his maximum performance!


Pathetic pony slave victim
Punishment for the slave - pony play
Princess Serena makes him a 24/7 slave pony!
Let's go, you old nag!