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Rating: 8.33

The old horse has to be able to stand it!

The slave is used by Goddess Vanny as a little horse. On this old horse she can ride around just as she wants. Goddess Vanny swings her leg over his back and pushes him forward! Run little horse, run! Faster and faster! She drives her old horse to the edge of exhaustion and demands everything from him! Don't stand still! It goes on and on for the little horse! He carries his mistress Goddess Vanny around on his back and obeys her as a good pony should. Goddess Vanny beats him once more to keep it that way! She takes the whip and hits him again and again. A good little horse has to be able to stand that too... now move!


Sandra B
Riding Lesson
Carry her, slave horse!
Strict riding mistress Sunny
Sexy Dreamgirl - Pony Mistress