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Rating: 9.00

Educational measures for the slave pony

Real horses are far too boring for Princess Serena. That's why she prefers to use this slave for riding - and he has to do it much better than any horse Princess Serena has ever sat on! He is under massive pressure to satisfy his mistress. Princess Serena takes his reigns in her hand and off he goes! She pushes her slave pony and rides around on his back. Exactly what she expects from him, the stupid slave just doesn't seem to understand. But even this is no problem for the strict mistress, because Princess Serena has some mean educational methods in her repertoire. Maybe now he'll finally understand what she wants from him!


Tina D
Pony mistress Tina D.
Boot-Pony Slave
Come on pony, clean for me
Jenny M
Down on your knees